We welcome input from the entire Charlottesville community as part of this process. It is our goal to provide comfortable, easy, efficient ways for people to learn about what we are doing and give input at key points in the process.

The City’s Comprehensive Plan should represent all community members, including those who may not actively seek ways to get involved in such processes. In addition to community residents, we are also working with other partners.

  • The project Steering Committee is made up of project advisors representing community residents, local practitioners, community advocates, and non-profit organizations with diverse expertise and interests. The project team is meeting with the Steering Committee periodically throughout this process to obtain their insight, and Steering Committee input will be summarized for decisionmakers (Council, Planning Commission), along with input from community members and others. The Committee will also act as an important connection to the greater Charlottesville community.
  • City staff from Neighborhood Development Services are leading the coordination of the planning process. Representatives from a variety of City departments are providing support and assistance, including local knowledge and expertise.
  • The Planning Commission advises the process, providing project guidance and institutional knowledge related to previous planning efforts, and will ultimately recommend the final Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Update to City Council for Approval.

As a final step in the process, the City Council is charged with adopting the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance updates. The Council is staying informed and involved throughout the process, to provide guidance and feedback, and to listen and absorb public input.