Cville Plans Together_Housing

The City of Charlottesville has made a commitment to achieving a local housing market that is healthy, high-quality, affordable, and above all, equitable.

Charlottesville’s historical structural inequity is reflected in continued housing disparities. The Affordable Housing Plan gives the City the opportunity to pursue strategies that improve housing affordability and reduce inequality in housing availability, ownership, and conditions. Goals, priorities, and strategies from this effort will be incorporated into the update to the Comprehensive Plan.

What is “housing affordability”?

Housing affordability has many aspects, and housing challenges are specific to each local housing market. To better understand housing needs in Charlottesville, the Cville Plans Together team is reviewing previous studies and working with the City, the community, and other key stakeholders to understand local needs, challenges, goals, and priorities.

The graphics below provide information about some of the types of housing issues we are considering, and what the data says about those issues in Charlottesville. Use the arrows to scroll through the images below. The graphics are excerpts from a presentation to the Steering Committee on April 7, and the full presentation is available to download. Does something not seem right in the data, or does something not align with your experiences? Please let us know!

What was the process to develop the Affordable Housing Plan?

There are four general phases for the development of the Affordable Housing Plan:

  • Review of existing conditions
  • Discussion of community goals and priorities
  • Development of strategies (tools)
  • Completion of the draft and final Plan, for incorporation into the Comprehensive Plan and implementation in various other ways

How can I be involved?

Please visit the Stay Involved page to find out more and subscribe to the email list to get updates about meetings and other opportunities to be a part of the Cville Plans Together process.