Cville Plans Together_Equity

To support the City’s Comprehensive Plan update (including the Affordable Housing Plan) and rewrite of the zoning ordinance, the City of Charlottesville hired a team led by Rhodeside Harwell (RHI). Other team members include Brick & Story (leading community engagement), HR&A Advisors (leading the Affordable Housing Plan), and Code Studio (leading the re-write of the zoning ordinance – the final step in this process).

This website is managed by the Consultant Team, who coordinates closely with the City of Charlottesville Department of Neighborhood Development Services. All input given through this website will be sent directly to the Consultant Team, to be considered in this process.

Photo Credits:

  • Photo of Cherry Avenue front porch discussions – Nathan Walton, the Executive Director of Abundant Life Ministries (provided by Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission)
  • Photo of the Cherry Avenue Think Tank – Provided by Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission