Materials and Summaries from this Process

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  • Fall 2020 Community Engagement
    • Webinar: Draft Affordable Housing Plan – Presentation slides, Recording 1 (11/11/20)
    • Webinar: Draft Comprehensive Plan revisions – Presentation slides, Recording 1 (11/14/20)
    • Fall 2020 versions of the draft Affordable Housing Plan and Comprehensive Plan revisions can be found here.
    • Summary of activities and what we heard: Full draft document here (PDF), with links to appendices.
  • May-June 2020 Community Engagement
    • Summary of activities and what we heard: Full document here,  three page overview here (PDF)
    • Data from survey (Excel). Please see the “Notes” tab in the spreadsheet for more information.
      • A copy of the original survey content and questions can be downloaded here.
    • Webinars
      • Presentation for all May 2020 webinars: Document here. (PDF)
      • Webinar recordings (YouTube): May 20, May 23. May 26 recording is unavailable due to technical issues.



Steering Committee meeting #5: November 23, 2020 (conducted via Zoom)

Steering Committee Work Session: September 10, 2020 (conducted via Zoom)

In this session, the Steering Committee discussed draft housing recommendations. All recommendations are in draft form, and the slides show several illustrative graphics and maps that are included for discussion purposes only. Recommendation are being refined based on Steering Committee input, and then will be shared with the broader community for input and discussion.

Steering Committee meeting #4: August 24, 2020 (conducted via Zoom)

Steering Committee meeting #3: June 2, 2020 (conducted via Zoom)

Steering Committee meeting #2: April 7, 2020 (conducted via Zoom)

Steering Committee meeting #1: January 29, 2020 (conducted at NDS)

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