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In the final stage of the Cville Plans Together process – the zoning rewrite – the Cville Plans Together team will continue facilitating conversations with City staff, elected officials, citizens, and local advocacy groups. We need everyone’s participation to make this effort a success.

We are using information we learned from the Comprehensive Plan and Affordable Housing Plan processes.

We will continue to utilize information gathered during previous Cville Plans Together phases, and other related planning projects.

We want to hear from you!

You (and your families, your neighbors, and others) are the experts on the needs and desires of the community. The chance to participate in planning the future of Charlottesville does not come around often, and we want to make sure that you can effectively share your priorities to ensure that we hear all perspectives.

There will be several opportunities to tell us what you think.

Community engagement will happen in several phases throughout the zoning rewrite. For more information about the zoning process, please see the zoning page.

We know there is a desire from many people to be engaged in this process. To this end, the Cville Plans Together team will provide a variety of opportunities for all community members to learn more and share input. During the zoning rewrite, these opportunities will include:

  • Virtual public meetings
  • Pop-up meetings in a variety of neighborhoods and locations
  • Steering Committee meetings open to all
  • Cville Plans Together team attendance at neighborhood and other group meetings
  • And more!

These engagement opportunities will begin with the release of the draft diagnostic and approach report in April. We look forward to getting feedback from the community on how you believe the proposed zoning matches up with the goals and strategies contained in the Comprehensive Plan.

Who is involved?

Everyone. This will continue to be a community-centered process at its core, and we will use lessons learned from previous phases to improve our community process. You can also view a list of Steering Committee participants on the Documents & Media page.

Cville Plans Together_Outreach

Some specific groups involved in the process include:

Cville Plans Together Team: 

The Cville Plans Together Team includes the Consultant Team and the Department of Neighborhood Development Services.

City Staff: 

Representatives from a variety of City departments, providing support and assistance, local knowledge, and expertise.

Project Steering Committee: 

Project advisors representing community residents, local practitioners, community advocates, and non-profit organizations with diverse expertise and interests.

Planning Commission: 

Providing project guidance and institutional knowledge related to previous planning efforts, and will ultimately recommend the Zoning Update to City Council for adoption.

City Council Members: 

Staying involved throughout the process, to provide guidance and feedback, and to listen to public input. Will ultimately need to adopt the revised Zoning Ordinance.

Purpose and Role of the Steering Committee

  • The Steering Committee serves an advisory role to the Cville Plans Together Team throughout the three parts of the process (which includes creation of an Affordable Housing Plan, updates to the Comprehensive Plan, and a rewrite of the Zoning Ordinance).
  • The Steering Committee provides input on a variety of project elements, including helping to ensure that earlier efforts and input are considered in this process. The group also helps to ensure that information can be understood by the general community, and that outreach activities are reaching all members of the Charlottesville community.
  • While this is not a voting or decision-making group, the Cville Plans Together Team weighs the input of the Steering Committee in development of plans, policies, and other recommendations. Steering Committee input is shared with decisionmakers (City Council, Planning Commission), along with input from the general community.

See our Stay Involved page for more information about current events, or send us a comment!

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