May-June 2020 Community Activities

We are well underway with the first phase of engagement for Cville Plans Together, and we have had some incredible conversations with people from all parts of Charlottesville and the surrounding counties in the past few weeks.  The engagement continues, but we need your help!

Please forward the survey and Cville Plans Together website information to your friends, family, and colleagues in the area!  We are working to build a network for this process, but we know that you all have networks of your own – now is the time to make sure the community is lending their voice to this process.

Please encourage people to:

If you know someone who should complete the survey but does not have access to technology, let us know by emailing We can provide a paper copy or complete the survey with them by phone. You can also encourage people to call or text (833) 752-6428 to provide their contact information, if they would like a paper survey.

  • You can also download PDF versions of the survey here.
  • You can download a survey-focused flyer here.

If you’d like some talking points to use when encouraging people to be involved, here are some ideas. You can download an overview flyer hereEnglish | en Español

  • Cville Plans Together is an opportunity for the community to actively participate in updating the future vision for the city, with a focus on equity and affordability.
  • This is the start of a process that includes an update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan, and then an update to the city’s Zoning Ordinance.
  • The Comprehensive Plan coordinates local government activities, including capital improvements programming, community and economic development activities, land use, housing initiatives, transportation improvements, parks and open space utilization, and community facility plans aimed at improving the City’s neighborhoods and quality of life.
  • In this first phase of community engagement, we are gathering community input on priorities and goals for the future. Later this summer, we will share what we learned, as well as more information about the community process moving forward.

If you have not already:

please do so now!  You are a part of the Charlottesville community, and your feedback matters!

We know there are many competing priorities right now, but it is important that that community is heard in this process. Please spread the word, because we truly want this to be a process where Cville Plans Together.